Polop Hills, La Nucia
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Polop Hills,

between mountain and sea

La silueta del monte Ponoch o Ponoig (1181 mts.), el “León dormido” de Gabriel Miró, y el perfil de la población con la torre de la iglesia de San Pedro y el antiguo cementerio, marcan la impronta visual de esta atractiva población, recreada por Gabriel Miró en sus libros: aquí tuvo casa de veraneo, la “Casa de Sigüenza”, ubicada en el inicio de la carretera que lleva a Guadalest. También residieron aquí Oscar Esplá y Benjamín Palencia, cuyo taller todavía se conserva.

Polop has a history as a strategic place between the valley of Guadalest and the coastal area. Because of that, they build a fort on top of the mountain to monitor any siege. This made it a privileged enclave

A fifteen-minute drive by car separates the old and historic center of Polop de la Marina from Benidorm, the city of skyscrapers.


Elegance and uniqueness

A unique project built to a contemporary architectural design featuring a strongly defined Mediterranean character based on elegance and singularity.

 All the homes have large verandas which are perfectly well connected to the living areas, meaning that inhabitants will be able to enjoy the magnificent views from inside, while this concept also confers a feeling of an open, flowing space differentiating between areas.

Reference point

Surrounded by pine trees and flanked by Mount Ponoig, the Polop Hills Residential Estate offers you the perfect blend of security, wellbeing and nature.

A building for community use, with a large swimming pool, children’s play area, gym room, a space for electric bicycles with recharging system, photovoltaic energy,  in a fully protected residential estate environment. 

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Polop Hills

An unrivalled natural setting at the foot of Mount Ponoig